BYD launches modular high-voltage energy storage system

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Following the trend for easy-to-install modular and more efficient energy storage systems BYD introduces its new high-voltage B-Box HV in Europe. The lithium iron phosphate battery elements with 1.12 kWh each can be combined for residential applications from 5.6 to 10.08 kWh. For commercial and industrial applications, they can be scaled up to 50 kWh.

The new high-voltage BYD B-Box HV energy storage system was among the finalists of the EES Award at Intersolar Europe 2017.
The new high-voltage BYD B-Box HV energy storage system was among the finalists of the EES Award at Intersolar Europe 2017.

The new B-Box HV model complements the low-voltage B-Box LV series of easy-to-install modular and scalable battery cabinets. It is connected with a single cable to an inverter. “The B-Box series offers a wide range of renewable power capabilities to meet light to heavy electrical load usage, off-grid or on-grid, single-phase or three-phase applications.” says Julia Chen, Global Sales Director, BYD Batteries. “The modular design of the solution enables private and corporate users to switch to a fully sustainable utility-independent energy solution with a small storage investment while having full scalability to adapt the storage volume to future developments such as integrating electrical vehicles.”

Less conversion losses through high-voltage

“The new B-Box HV is the first direct high-voltage energy storage solution with patented plug-in modular design for commercial and residential through serial connection of battery cells rather than a low-volt battery with an integrated DC/DC converter as former offers on the market”, Chen says.The advantage of the high-volt storage system: the energy is already coherent with the voltage of most PV systems/the grid, so conversion losses are minimized and the system is even more efficient. In addition system costs are reduced as less complex inverters can be used with the HV system.

Plug-and-play installation

The new B-Box HV Series employs the successful modular design of the series with battery capacities ranging from 5.6 to 10.08 kWh, providing more than enough energy for the average household and can be scaled up to 50kWh for commercial and industrial applications. The B-Box supports constant 1C and  2C discharge rates for peak power output, and delivers a usable capacity ratio of around 96 percent, meaning it supports household electric devices longer with more power. An innovative connection system allows for an extremely easy plug-and-play installation without the need to connect cables. It is also IP55 certified – protected against the elements and hostile environments.

Lithium iron phosphate batteries

The low-voltage B-Box LV Professional 10.0 is available in four capacities ranging from 2.5 to 10.0 kWh and can be scaled up to 80kWh when multiple boxes are connected in parallel. The B-Box LV Professional 12.8 can reach a maximum capacity of 409 kWh, providing plenty power for an energy-intensive medium-size business. The B-Box uses the same high-output, completely recyclable, long-lasting lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP) battery chemistry and control technology that has safely powered BYD’s electric vehicles for more than seven years, meeting stringent automotive and railway application standards for safety, including TUV, UL and RCM. With 10-year warranty protection, the highly efficient air-cooled B-Box provides a whole new solution to both residential and commercial users.

Service and logistics partner EFT-Systems

The B-Box is distributed through wholesalers. EFT-Systems is the European B-Box service and logistics partner of BYD. SMA is strategic partner for the B-Box. Its Storage Boy 2.5 high voltage battery string inverter, that was launched at Intersolar Europe 2016, is compatible to the new B-Box HV model. “With this innovation we can offer the most economical AC energy storage system in the market”, Michael Ebel from SMA says. Kostal and Fronius are also offering high voltage battery inverters. Certification of those products for the B-Box HV are under way.

Great interest of distributors

“We see great potential for this new storage product”, Alexander Schütt, Managing Director of BayWa r.e. says. Similar comments are made by Joachim Rupp, Managing Director of Viessmann. He sees BYD as an reliable integrated supplier with cost-effective solutions due to its large scale, automated battery production and high safety standards. Kurt Krannich, Managing Director of Krannich Solar sees the new product also an interesting solution.

The new B-Box H implements the safety and efficiency standards guidelines of the German Energy Storage Association (BVES). It was amont the finalists of this year`s EES Award at Intersolar Europe in Munich. BYD is the world`s largest supplier of rechargeable batteries, Yearly production capacity will be expanded from 16 GWh in 2016 to 24 GWh in 2017 and 34 GWh in 2018, Chen announced. 95 percent of the batteries are used for e-mobility applications, five percent for stationary applications.

Recently Tesvolt already presented a flexible, high-voltage storage system with the new lithium cells of Samsung. Solarwatt presented its fully modular battery storage system MyReserve Matrix. (HCN)

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