AutarcTech has presented cluster storage with active balancing for 48 volt batteries

4/11/16, 3:00 PM -

Based on its highly efficient battery management system (BMS) LiConnect, AutarcTech from Germany enables parallel operation of any number of batteries with 48 volt system voltage.

The LiConnect device balances the batteries as management system.

In this concept, the module LiMaster communicates with the inverter via CAN and serves as central control of the individual batteries. This enables subsequent capacity expansions with batteries based on LiConnect's active balancing technology.

The individual batteries of the cluster operate independent of each other, thus providing highest level of operational availability: in case one battery fails, the remaining cluster is still operational.

The solution is ready for the internet

Just as LiConnect, LiMaster is internet-ready. This enables remote maintenance and diagnosis, and thus avoiding unnecessary travel costs. The product series is available both as component of LiHome and LiRack batteries, and as OEM solution for battery manufacturers with customer specific configuration and parameters.

AutarcTech is a specialist for batteries and battery management systems based on active balancing. This technology saves energy and leads to increased battery life time. Since 2013 the company has produced more than 600 lithium batteries in the range of 3.5 kilowatt hours to 80 kilowatt hours. (HS)