A sales app that uses augmented reality

8/29/19, 2:10 PM -

Tesvolt, a manufacturer of power storage systems for industrial and commercial operations, offer their distribution partners an augmented reality app for an enhanced sales experience.

A sales app that uses augmented reality
Augmented reality showcases the benefits of storage systems

Using the highly innovative technology of augmented reality, storage professionals can take advantage of various scenarios to vividly and memorably illustrate to their customers the advantages of energy storage systems, such as self-consumption optimisation, peak shaving and off-grid connectivity.

“With the Tesworld AR app, we offer our partners a new sales experience,” says Daniel Hannemann, who co-founded Tesvolt together with Simon Schandert in 2014. “They can rely on an innovative and entertaining technology to guide their customers through a new world of electricity storage right before their eyes.”

A selection of five scenarios

In the app, distribution partners first choose from an array of five application scenarios. These include a logistics hall where the rechargeable batteries in the fork lifts are charged at night using stored solar power in order to increase self-consumption. There is also the option of a car dealership that practices peak shaving using charging stations. A third simulated scenario is a poultry farm where the storage system is used for back-up energy.

In this virtual world, distribution partners can also demonstrate the specific benefits of energy storage: Cutting electricity costs using battery storage systems; increasing self-consumption of the generated electricity; shaving expensive peak loads, for instance by installing charging stations; using electricity even without a grid connection and employing energy storage systems for grid stabilisation.

Available for iOS

Regarding this development, Hannemann says: “If we want to keep popularising power storage, then we and our partners need to be working innovatively in accordance with the state of the art all the way down the line, including in distribution”. The augmented reality app is free and compatible with the latest generation of Apple devices (iPad and iPhone). (mfo)

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