Smart Electric Drive: City champion with enough range for outskirts - quick charging

4/21/17, 2:30 PM -

The new Smart Electric Drive can be loaded quickly. Due to its compact dimensions, the electric car is a champion in city traffic, but it also has enough range for the surrounding area.

Smart Electric Drive sales prices start at 21.900 Euro minus buyers premium.
The Smart Electric Drive has a norm range of 160 Kilometers and a real driving range of around 120 kilometers.

In just two hours the Smart Electric Drive can be charged with 11 kW and a 3-phase Type 2 plug with 16 A. With an optional charging capacity of 22 KW (Type 2 plug, 3-phase, 32 A) the 18 kWh battery of the electric car is fully charged in an hour. At a charging station with 3.3 KW (Type 2 plug, 1-phase, 16A), it takes 5.5 hours, until the Smart ED is fully startled again, at a 2.3 kW Schuko socket 8 hours. With a Smart Control app, the interior can also be cooled or heated during charging.

Real driving range of around 120 Kilometers

The range is 160 kilometers according to the NEDC standard, in reality it is about 120 kilometers. In many cases, this also extends to trips to the surrounding area. The consumption is at a favorable 11.0 kWh per 100 kilometers, less than it`s competitor Citroen C-Zero. With a torque of 160 Newtonmeter, Smart Electric Drive is quite agile. The Fortwo accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometers in 11.5 seconds. The top speed is 130 km / h.

Sales prices starting 21.900 Euro

The Smart Electric Drive is sold as a two-seater from 21,900 euros. As a convertible, it is available from 25,200 euros. As a 4-door it is from 22.600 euros to have, in each case minus purchase premium. (hcn)

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