Fastned installs SolarEdge technology for its charging stations in The Netherlands

5/13/16, 1:00 PM -

The Dutch company plans 3 MW of distributed SolarEdge inverters and power optimizers to supply 200 fast-charging stations throughout the country. The stations will be built at the highways.

The Fastned fast-charging stations at a highway in the Low Countries.

The Dutch companyFastned has selected the SolarEdge solutions for its nationwide network of 200 electric car fast-charging stations. The network will be strategically dispersed throughout the Netherlands’ highways and will be partially powered by 3 MW of distributed solar power.

Easy installation and high solar yield

Fastned selected SolarEdge technology because it significantly decreased installation and operation & maintenance costs compared to traditional systems, while simultaneously increasing energy yield.

SolarEdge’s module-level monitoring system provides Fastned with real-time performance data on each individual module and gives immediate alerts on any irregularities that may occur, pinpointed on a virtual site map. This offers increased system uptime by allowing Fastned to monitor all of its 200 fast-charging electric stations from one centralized location.

Founded on a great vision 

“Fastned is founded on a great vision with a simple solution and so is SolarEdge, which is what makes SolarEdge our ideal partner,” stated Joost Hoffman, Fastned’s Operations Manager. “SolarEdge took a new look at traditional PV systems and its simple solution of module-level optimization is revolutionizing the industry, just as Fastned plans to transform transportation.”

Installed by Solar Today, a Durch solar integrator which specializes in supplying the highest-quality solar products, the projects consists of 10 kW and 20 kW PV stations that include 20 and 40 power optimizers respectively and one SolarEdge inverter. Solar Today installed P600 power optimizers, SolarEdge’s one power optimizer per two panel solution, that is specifically designed to decrease the costs of large projects. SolarEdge technology allowed Fastned to double the string length compared to a traditional inverter, therefore decreasing the amount of strings by 50 per cent. (HS)