Electric cars: Renault Zoe – driving range of 400 kilometers

4/5/17, 2:26 PM -

Electric cars are going from strength to strength. The new Renault Zoe scores with a stronger battery, longer range and an affordable price.

Best electric car Renault ZOE with a stronger battery and longer driving range and a good price.
The new Renault ZOE, one of our best electric cars with a driving range up to 300 kilometers in real conditions.

With an 400 km NEDC driving range, that is around 300 km in real conditions, the upgraded Renault Zoe has almost doubled its range compared to earlier versions. The upgraded Z.E. 40 lithium-ion battery has a power output of 41 kWh. Renault is also still offering a battery with 22 kWh and a lower range.

Entry price around 25,000 Euro without subsidy

The entry price for the Z.E. 40 ZOE starts with around 25,000 Euro (minus buyer`s premiums in countries like Germany of 5,000 Euro). Monthly battery leasing rates start with 69 Euro. Alternatively, ZOE customers can also buy the battery. The price difference between the versions of the battery rent and battery purchase is 8,000 euros. Included in the purchase price is a warranty of eight years or 160,000 kilometers as well as the efficiency of 66 percent of the initially available load capacity.

Flexible charging from 2.3 to 22 kW

The patented battery charger system allows the battery to provide flexible power ratings ranging from 2.3 to 22 kW, including accelerated charging at a 400-volt three-phase (AC) station. The empty base battery can then be charged with 80 amp charging current and 22 kW charging capacity in only one hour to 80 percent of its charging capacity (Z.E. 40 battery: 1:45 hours). Renault is providing two charging cables (Mennekes for wall boxes and fast charging) and a three-pin plug. Upon request certified installers are conveyed.

The ZOE achieves 68 kW / 92 PS. Speed is electronically adjusted at 135 km / h to optimize the range. (HCN)

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