EV advice: Turn your house into a filling station!

8/5/19, 5:00 PM -

Most people think e-cars are too expensive. But if you are clever, you can already save a lot of money now. Do you want to know how? Then keep reading!

The easiest way to get solar power: a carport with solar modules.

E-mobility really gets interesting if you generate the power for the batteries yourself. The kilowatt hour from the power grid costs about 30 eurocents, the self-generated solar electricity between nine and twelve cents, plus value added tax (VAT). However, the average price advantage is a minimum of twelve to fourteen cents. That pays off.

Also, you can expand solar generators successively, for instance if you decide to set up a wall box in the garage. It is even conceivable to set up an electric charging point independently of the house grid.

A small wall box will do!

Here is how to do that: You cover the garage or carport in solar panels and connect them to a battery as a stand-alone system. The wall box (charging station) supplies the vehicles from this battery. You can make it through a number of months of the year this way. In the winter, when solar electricity is being produced, your vehicle can be charged by plugging it into the house network.

The benefit: The stand-alone solar system is in most countries not subject to network fees and taxes. Everything works on direct current, including charging the car battery, avoids losses (conversion from direct current to alternating current and vice versa) and can potentially save you a lot of money. (HS)

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