Chinese Electric Car Now Available in Europe

3/1/16, 11:49 AM -

Since February, the Bavarian storage producer Fenecon offers the electric vehicle E6 of the Chinese manufacturer BYD. The E6 is a crossover, optimized for commercial use. Thanks to the battery capacity of 400 kilometers – with a price tag of 50.000 euro (excluding VAT), this electric vehicle achieves a system price of around 600 euro net per kilowatt hour storage capacity.

Now strong Chinese competitors enter the European market for electric vehicles – with amazing features.

Worldwide, there are multiple use cases of the E6 in taxi fleets. “Users appreciate the combination of extensive reach, the comfort of five full seats and a large trunk in spite of the battery pack, while maintaining low costs of operation“, says Franz-Josef Feilmeier, CEO of Fenecon.

The quickcharging capabilities underline the everyday usability. At the widespread Type 2 AC charging stations, the E6 can be charged with up to 40 kilowatt. Half an hour of charging adds 100 kilometers to the range. A full charging cycle takes two hours.

Battery lifetime set at 1.4 million kilometers

The lifetime of the battery is set at 1.4 million kilometers. This value results of adding up the 4000 charging cycles guaranteed by BYD at a residual capacity of 75 percent. The guarantee period on the vehicle itself is at two years or 150,000 kilometers.

The E6 is serially equipped with six airbags, of which two are on the sides. Electronic stability control and brake assist are standard ex works. The maximum speed is 140 kilometers per hour, which the electric drivetrain reaches thanks to the 450 Newton meter torque and a maximal power output of 90 kilowatt.

Furthermore, the Chinese electric car is serially equipped with LED daylight driving lights and LED backlights, and a single speed gear because of the continously variable transmission of electric drivetrains.

The car has four power windows, cruise control and a fully automated air condition, as well as parking sensors. The car also comes with an integrated audio system and an alarm.

The trunk volume amounts to 450 liters. In contrast to most other electric vehicles, this electric car can actually “refuel“ other electric cars and is able to work as a mobile power provider.

Use your electric car for solar power

Franz-Josef Feilmeier sees this interoperability with stationary storage systems of BYD and Fenecon as a particular benefit. “The E6 enables disharging to the grid or into a stationary electric storage system. Also, controlled charging of surplus power from photovoltaics is simple with our energy managment system“. For the interested audience, the Bavarian company in Deggendorf provides several vehicles for test driving. (HS, KH)