Charging systems: new suppliers, greater internationalization, growing markets

4/18/19, 11:02 AM -

The number of electric vehicles around the world rose to 5.6 million last year. The global market grew by 75 percent compared with 2017, and it will continue to accelerate. This is also reflected in the current market overview from the Power2Drive Europe exhibition. 

The current market overview presents around 90 charging stations, wall boxes and versatile charging cables that are currently available.
The current market overview presents around 90 charging stations, wall boxes and versatile charging cables that are currently available.

The number of suppliers and the range of wall boxes, charging stations, carports and services relating to electric mobility have grown significantly. The trade magazine “photovoltaik” is the media partner of the latest Charging Systems Market Overview.

Trend towards dynamic charge management

The current market overview is published in English and presents around 90 charging stations, wall boxes and versatile charging cables that are currently available. The specifications of high-speed charging stations (DC) which are available for order and delivery, of AC systems (single-phase and three-phase) and of DC systems for use in either the private sector or industrial applications were compiled to produce the market report. It is evident that single-phase systems are losing their relevance. There is a clear trend towards three-phase systems, which also offer greater charging power. Dynamic charge management is playing an increasingly important role, particularly in systems which connect multiple charging stations.

Combination with large-scale battery storage systems

Combination systems, made up of high-performance batteries and charging technology, are growing in significance. They ease the burden on the power grid from consumption peaks, which occur due to high charging capacities. This is where large-scale solar storage units and high-performance DC charging systems come together. Alongside charging technology, the market overview also covers planning tools used to integrate e-mobility into solar self-consumption systems for buildings and solar carports. There is evidence that increasing numbers of municipal utilities and utility companies are providing intelligent services for offering and invoicing charging power in semi-public or public spaces.

The market is maturing

The requirements laid down in German calibration law signal that the market is maturing. Anyone who wants to use charging systems to generate sales revenue is subject to strict rules from the German bureaus of standards. Suppliers of charging technology and distributors are now coming under considerably more scrutiny compared with last year. Another growing segment is solar carports which are equipped with wall boxes or charging stations: for private users, company fleets and semi-public parking lots, for example at supermarkets, shopping malls, office buildings or clinics.

Charging infrastructure at the Power2Drive Europe

This year, the Power2Drive Europe Conference is putting charging infrastructure firmly in the spotlight. Current trends in charging infrastructure technologies will be presented in the session “Technology Trends for Charging Infrastructure”. There are indeed a range of approaches – from slow charging with alternating current and high-speed high-power charging with direct current, to inductive solutions and cable-based systems. The session “Setting Up and Running Charging Networks in Europe” introduces a range of approaches to the rapid construction of a reliable charging infrastructure network across Europe. Other sessions also explore this topic: “Digital Transformation: Bringing Ecology and Efficiency to Billing Processes” sheds light on outstanding solutions, business and billing models from all over the world, introduces the participants to new market players, and offers first-hand experiences as well as expert analyses of existing and future billing models. “EV Fleet Integration: Intelligent Solutions for the Power Grids” discusses how private and commercial electric vehicles can best be integrated into power grids, and “Bidirectional/Smart Charging: Using the Full Potential of Batteries” explores where the necessary renewable energy comes from, how utility networks should be structured and how the automotive industry has responded to these challenges so far.

Charging the future of mobility

Under the motto “Charging the future of mobility!”, the Power2Drive Forum is also taking up the topic of charging systems in hall C3 from May 15–17. Here, several series of presentations explore the topic of charging, including “Charging in Private and Semi-public Spaces” on Wednesday afternoon, and a session on fuel tank and charging card management in cooperation with VISION Mobility. On Thursday morning, the focus is on “Charging Infrastructure as a Business Model”, before taking a look at the dream team of “PV & E-Mobility” on Thursday afternoon in cooperation with the German Association for Solar Mobility (BSM). Best practices for municipalities and smart cities will be presented on Friday morning, including solutions for e-vehicle fleet programs. From 1:30pm, the trade magazine “photovoltaik” will present lectures on the vehicles for commercial and municipal fleets which are available on the market. Following this, start-ups from the e-mobility sector will introduce themselves.

Experience electric vehicles live

Want to experience the smooth and swift acceleration of an electric car first-hand? Then come to the outdoor parking area P3 directly adjacent to hall C3 during the course of the exhibition, and sit yourself in one of the newest electric car models which the exhibitors at Power2Drive have provided for free test drives. No sports car with a combustion engine can match an electric car over the first meters. This is one of the primary features of electric vehicles: Even at low speeds, they have impressively high torque. Come and see for yourself.

Power2Drive Europe and the parallel events will take place from May 15–17, 2019 at Messe München as part of The smarter E Europe – the innovation hub for new energy solutions. (HCN)

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