AD: Two in one - photographic measurement and planning of PV modules with Photo Survey

8/26/19, 5:00 AM -

Photo Survey by ETU is a software for photographic measurement and a tool for determining how many photovoltaic modules will fit on a roof. On-site assessments of building geometry can be very time-consuming. The Photo Survey  software helps save time by converting digital images into building measurements.

Does the following situation seem familiar to you? A prospective customer shows interest in installing a rooftop PV system, but the final size of the system to install depends on several parameters: among others on the available roof size and the roof orientation. A quick and efficient way to a first personal consultation would be to determine the roof size suited for placing modules using a digital image (e.g. from a web mapping service such as Google Maps or a digital photo). Photo Survey can calibrate any plane surface in a digital photo with at least one reference measure – independent of the viewing angle.

After calibration, measures like roof area or distances can be directly extracted from the image. Further the rooftop PV modules can be chosen from an extensive catalogue and visualized in the original image. A project report is generated automatically and can be handed over to the customer. In the example shown here 12 PV modules are accommodated onto the roof of a total area of 53,70 m² in south direction with a roof slope of 35°.

The measures and results obtained using Photo Survey can be imported into our simulation software PV-Simulation 3D PLUS and directly used to calculate the solar yield for this configuration. If you would like to know more about our software Photo Survey and install the free trial version, please click here.