Solar irradiation data for all European regions

11/8/16, 9:44 PM -

pv Europe and Swiss data specialist Meteotest have developed an interactive map of Europe for solar planners and installers. This service gives you the monthly sum data of solar irradiation in your region. You can zoom in or out, jump across the continent to another region where maybe you or your solar business partners are working. Or want to work.

The colourful map is always up-to-date, and the colours give you a rough value for the sum data of the recent month – or the months ago (back to April 2015). So you can build up your own timeline for a region interesting for solar activities.

If you need precise data, please use this map to click the banners on the right side. Then you get direct access to the experts of Meteotest and the data base of Meteonorm.