Hanwha Q-Cells’ Q-Peak G4: mono PV modules have been awarded for quality

1/10/19, 8:02 AM -

The solar module of Hanwha Q-Cells’ Q-Peak G4 boasts a performance class of up to 310 watts and efficiencies of 18.6 percent.

Q-Peak G4: The solar module boasts a performance class of up to 310 watts.
The solar module boasts a performance class of up to 310 watts.

This monocrystalline solar module from Hanwha Q-Cells combines the exceptional performance of the Company’s proprietary Q-Antum (PERC) cell technology with anti-LID performance that eliminates light-induced degradation almost completely, says the company. The Q-Peak G4.1 also has an enhanced visual aesthetic that makes it a popular choice among residential homeowners looking to embrace solar energy.

In tests conducted on 14 solar modules from PV modul suppliers, Altroconsumo and the ITA ranked Hanwha Q-Cells’ 310 watts mono module in the “Excellent Quality” category thanks to the module’s performance, durability, reliability and competitive price-point. The Altroconsumo and ITA tests are marked by exclusive seals that serve to certify the quality and performance of the solar modules that are tested by the independent platform and institute. In Italy, Altroconsumo is known as the nation’s largest, independent and non-party political consumer organization. (nhp)

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