Modular in-roof mounting system

12/3/19, 8:03 AM -

Braas have developed their Indax system to allow the integration of crystalline solar modules into pitched roofs. It is suitable for roof inclinations between 16 and 65 degrees.

Modular in-roof mounting system
Braas’ system meets all relevant requirements for in-roof systems for mounting PV modules.

A few months ago, we featured the Braas PV Premium solar roof tile. But Braas also provide an in-roof mounting system for regular solar modules. In its functionality, the Indax system goes beyond mere protection from the elements and looking good, but also generates solar electricity. Braas’s system meets all relevant requirements for in-roof systems for mounting PV modules when it comes to fire safety, rain proofing and ventilation. It has a general building inspection certificate, and according to Braas, it is classified as hard roofing in accordance with the construction ordinances of the German federal states.

Did you know?
In-roof mounting systems are not the only way to integrate solar into the building envelope.

It is designed for ventilated roof constructions. The ventilation area can be a counter batten on the normal roof batten. The system consists of individual modules about one metre wide and 1.7 metres high, fitted with a roofing frame. The modular design not only allows the module output to be adapted to the power consumption in the building, but also makes a good combination with all common roof tiles possible. The 60 monocrystalline cells used in the modules generate 280 watts. Together with the black anodised frames, they form a homogeneous appearance. (mfo)