Storage advice: Lithium storage is a closed box

4/30/19, 5:00 PM -

A modern storage battery is a closed box, which is only connected to the outside world via the two battery terminals by prefabricated cables and the control cable.

Opening the cover means a risk for the system warranty.

At most, the solar customer should have access to a reset button. The specialist technician may perhaps change the battery pack as a whole, or individual plug-in battery modules. But never individual cells. In case of damage to cells the entire system has to be sent to the factory for repairs, similar to string inverters.

Don’t be tempted

Not even experienced technicians should be tempted to do their own repairs or bring in experience from other types of batteries. Experience from lead or nickel-cadmium batteries cannot be applied to lithium-ion batteries.

Overcharging causes lead batteries to generate gasses, whereas nickel-cadmium batteries can tolerate deep discharges, if only temporary. If that is allowed to happen with lithium-ion batteries, they can become a safety hazard. (HS)

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