Storage advice: Batteries require a circuit breaker

9/5/19, 5:00 PM -

In case of fire, storage units also need a circuit breaker as the solar generator needs to cut it from the electricity system of the house. Otherwise, the battery continues to feed power into the wiring.

Emergency switch (circuit breaker) for protection in case of fire.

It does even if the fire services have separated the house from the grid! It is the same problem as with solar panels that have to be disconnected separately, or the solar power will continue to flow into the home grid, or at least into the DC circuit from the solar strings to the inverter. These voltages may endanger the fire-fighters.

Put a sign where the switch is

In order to find the circuit breaker very fast, you ought to put a visible sign near the electricity meter in the cellar or in the room for the energy supply into the house. In case of fire every second counts! The fire-fighters have to cut the solar energy and the battery first before they can start with their job. (HS)

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