Topic of the Week: Next-gen PV (Part 3): Secure and long-lasting glass-glass module

2/12/20, 5:05 PM -

Luxor Solar’s 60-cell Secure Line glass-glass module is particularly suitable for applications where safety and longevity are key factors.

Secure and long-lasting glass-glass modules
With 24-hour summer sunlight in Spitzbergen, PV really comes into its own.

This week we are focussing on up and coming trends in PV modules. One such technology that has really come into its own in recent years is glass-glass or double glass modules. And although Luxor Solar are far from the only manufacturer to go down that route, their choice of sealant makes their Secure Line even more robust:

The secure in Secure Line signifies a very long service life and high quality standards on components and manufacturing technology. With glass on both the front and the back, the Secure Line provides mechanical stability as well as also fire safety. A specialised sealant used in automotive manufacturing provides for absolute protection from humidity and other environmental factors. The use of PVB instead of EVA as laminate provides for a higher transmission factor as well as full protection against potential-induced degradation. For their glass-glass modules, Luxor Solar grant a 35-year warranty on the workmanship and power output as well as a 50-year warranty on the lamination.

The Secure Line modules are available in a range of model variants. The entry-level module is the polycrystalline P 60 Transparent that generates up to 280 watts. One step up is the monocrystalline M 60 at up to 300 watts (see image above), followed by the P 60’s monocrystalline brother, the M 60 Transparent. Head of the pack is the M 60 Full Black, which not only looks fetching with its all black cells, black backsheet and pin-stripe design, but also generates up to 320 watts. All of Luxor Solar’s Secure Line modules are also available as Secure Smart Line, which are optimised by SolarEdge. (mfo)

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