Glen Dimplex: Web-connected heat pump

2/6/19, 8:01 AM -

GDTS’ System M Pure is a heat pump that is both quiet and easy to operate because it is connected to the Internet and can be controlled via a mobile app.

Glen Dimplex: Web-connected heat pump
The System M has been awarded the 2018 Red Dot Award for its design

The System M Pure by Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions is suitable as a heat pump for medium-sized residential buildings of up to 150 square metres of living space. The Pure version is available from GDTS at a heat output of six kilowatts and with a hot water storage tank of 180 litres. The indoor unit’s display also serves as the status display. The system is controlled via the app GDTS Home: This requires the indoor unit of the System M Pure to be connected to the Internet using an LAN.
The outdoor unit of the heat pump is available in the colours grey aluminium and silk grey. The System M runs very quietly, which can be important on smaller properties and with neighbours close by. Furthermore, it uses the advantages of integral technology, with the ventilator on the outside and the compressor in the inside, which decouples the sources of noise. Five metres is usually enough distance to the nearest neighbour. The floor space of the indoor unit are 60 by 60 centimetres while the dimensions of the outdoor unit are 60 by 50 by 87 centimetres. (mfo)


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