A cogeneration plant that runs on pure hydrogen

5/13/20, 8:03 AM -

The company 2G Energy from Heek supplies the innovative hydrogen cogeneration plant to Apex Energy Teterow in Rostock-Laage.

A CHP that runs on pure hydrogen
Being able to run on pure hydrogen, natural gas and a mixture of the two creates greater flexibility.

The plant provides an output of 115 kilowatts of electricity and 129 kilowatts of thermal energy. It is delivered as a turnkey container ready for connection and is scheduled to be in operation since April.

The highlight of this hydrogen CHP is that it can run on pure hydrogen without any fossil fuels. However, 2G Energy say it can also be operated on a mixture of hydrogen and natural gas, as well as pure natural gas. This increases the operating flexibility.

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On site in Rostock-Laage, within sight of the airport, Apex Energy operates the Hydrogen Power Centre Northern Germany. Together with a local partner, the largest grid-connected hydrogen plant in Europe is set to go into operation in 2020 and supply the entire site with carbon-neutral energy. The standard system from 2G Energy is designed for 60 bar pressure and equipped with patented connection technology. (mfo)