Top products of the week

11/1/19, 7:04 AM -

A hybrid inverter for all types of solar module and string layout, a square solar panel to integrate in the roof, a stylish bench combined with a smart e-bike charging and repair and a uniformly black solar module that reflects as little light as possible. These are our top products of the week.

One of our top products of the week: Smart e-bike charging and repair combined with a stylish bench
Recharging an e-bike in remote places extends the range of bike tours that are possible.

RCT Power’s hybrid DC inverter is flexible, simple and efficient. It allows a wide range of input voltages and is compatible with many storage systems.

For its in-roof system, the Austrian manufacturer Kioto Solar has developed a nearly square solar panel with a surface area of about one square metre.

Monna is include’s multifunctional solar bench that is suitable for both urban and rural areas. It is equipped with two charging sockets.

The Vision 60M black glass-glass module, which is uniformly black, will in future also be available with low-glare front glass.