Top products of the week

5/17/19, 6:41 AM -

Window blinds that generate electricity, fall protection for working safely on flat roofs, a panel series designed for flexibility and high performance and a mounting system for flat roofs with limited load reserve: These are our top products of the week:

One of our top products of the week: the solar window blinds from Solargaps
The perfect 2-in-1 solution.

Solargaps present solar window blinds that both provide shade and generate power.

IBC Solar and Preising present the Aerofix Latch fall protection system. It is directly connected to the module array.

Panasonic's HIT panels make use of heterojunction technology. The monocrystalline n-type wafer is coated with an ultra-thin amorphous silicon layer.

The Triton mounting system from T-Werk in Neu-Ulm is a mounting system for all flat roofs. This includes foil, bitumen, gravel, green and trapezoidal sheet metal roofs. (mfo)

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