Top products of the week

3/20/20, 7:03 AM -

Commercial storage with safety concept, new DC contactors that meet the requirements of systems with 1,500 volt DC, a versatile mounting systems for metal roofs and a highly energy dense inverter for outdoor solar parks. These are our top products of the week:

One of our top products of the week:  Commercial storage with safety concept
Scalable and both climate controlled and fire proof: the Scalebloc

Hoppecke subsidiary Intilion is launching the new Scalebloc lithium-ion storage system.

Technology group ABB has launched new compact contactors that enable photovoltaic power plants to install a 1,500 volt DC architecture.

With the Compact Metal metal roof system, Aerocompact has developed a particularly flexible mounting system.

The Spanish company Ingeteam is launching the new Ingecon Sun 160TL three-phase string inverter. (mfo)