Thermal imaging camera for electricians

2/19/20, 8:04 AM -

Manufacturer Flir Systems presents the TG267 thermal imaging camera for electricians, air conditioning technicians, building inspectors and mechanics.

Thermal imaging camera for electricians
The Flir TG267 allows technicians to examine equipment and identify issues from a safe distance.

This new camera in the TG series for beginners has numerous functions as well as higher sensitivity and resolution. These features enable technicians to significantly reduce diagnostic time and start repairs faster.

With the versatile and robust Flir TG267, technicians can examine equipment and identify problems from a safe distance by looking at hot and cold areas on the image that may indicate major problems. The camera is suitable both for power connections and mechanical faults in a temperature range between minus 25 and plus 380 degrees Celsius. Users can detect and repair system faults and provide customer reports with pictures documenting the repair.

See also the TG267's big brothers, the T840 and T860

The TG267 also allows temperature measurements to be made using a type K thermocouple sensor. The TG267 has a multipoint laser that clearly marks the measuring range and a bright LED flashlight for working in dark and difficult to access areas. (mfo)