Create wiring a diagram and find faults

9/2/19, 8:02 AM -

Solartektor offer a fault localisation kit called LSI. This is a portable instrument using a laser.

Create a wiring diagram and find faults
The laser beam makes it possible to both generate wiring layouts and localise faulty solar panels.

With the Solartektor LSI, the laser signal is directed at the modules, transmitted via the module power line to the connected Lasertektor, where it is converted into an audible signal and sent to the service technician's radio headset.

The operative range is up to 300 metres. All it takes is for the modules to be visible to the naked eye. During the day, the laser spot on the module is not visible, which is why the LSI has sighting optics with crosshairs. At night the laser becomes visible as a blue spot on the module surface.

Easily generate wiring diagrams

The set can also be used to rapidly generate wiring diagrams that are not available. If the acoustic signal is interrupted, the modules either do not belong to the string or there is a defect.

Insulation faults can be found with the Isotektor kit included with the Solartektor. Again, the starting point is the module layout and the string connection scheme of the modules. The display of the instrument shows the location of the insulation fault from both directions in the string based on the position within the string. The full PV fault localisation kit LSI comes in a robust case and consists of the laser set, the Signaltektor kit and the Isotektor kit. The net price is 9,195 euros. (mfo)

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