PV Guided Tours: More roofs, fewer parts

7/31/17, 2:00 PM -

In the case of suppliers of mounting systems, the innovations were very tight at Intersolar Europe. This means that you had to look carefully to see the differences. A retrospective for those who could not join.

Schletter presented new prefabricated complete packages for larger roof systems.
Schletter presented new prefabricated complete packages for larger roof systems.

To anticipate: 127 vendors of mounting systems presented themselves at the Intersolar Europe in Munich, 42 of them were suppliers of tracking systems. This was a wide offer and a challenge for installers and planners to make the right decision for the orders of their customers. PV Guided Tours provided an overview and helped installers to find the right partner for assembly technology. However, even the experts had to look closely, because the providers often differed in detail.

New clamp family from Schletter

In Munich, Schletter introduced the new module clamp family Rapid 16 for pitched roofs. With a handful of variants, it covers almost all applications. Thanks to rotatable claws and adjustable clamping widths, you can fit any module size and frame thickness. As before, 190 variants are available. This relieves the trade and the storage at the installer.

PMT presented building approval

PMT presented itself as a specialist for penetration-free assembly systems and, in addition to carport and east-west systems, also showcased a penetration-free mounting system for saddle roofs. For the ballasted, aerodynamic flat roof system Evolution, PMT has won the approval for the whole system - not just for individual components. The certificate of the German Institute for Construction Engineering (DIBt) required extensive simulations and tests.

PMT mounting system.

High quality by Ernst Schweizer

Ernst Schweizer AG presented the award-winning Solrif single-axle system, which convinces with simple technology and a installed capacity of more than 700 megawatts. The Swiss company relies on Swiss precision and quality. The sink-depth of the on-roof system is around maximum two percent within ten years, depending on the roof membrane.

K2 stremlines its systems

The slogan "We make it simple. For you” of K2 Systems convinced the participants of the tour. With functional help tools such as the Base On and the new K2 App as well as product innovations like the universal clamp or the new roof hook, the supplier has further streamlined the assembly technology. The new universal clamp One Mid simplifies installation because the clamp is compatible with eight rail families, including single rail, speed rail and dome systems. "The design is simpler and 16 of the existing clamps are eliminated," said Marcel Grilo of K2 Systems.

K2 presented its streamlined systems.

T-Werk covers all roof types

T-Werk, a young manufacturer from Bavaria presented itself as a provider of individual solutions, depending on customer requirements. The Chronos Clicksystem is suitable for all pitched roofs: brick, corrugated Eternit, tin roofs or plain tile. The Chronos Trapeze System has been specially developed for trapezoidal roofs. It covers all common variations of ledge spacing.

Baywa r.e . with broad range of solutions

Thomas Pfaff from Baywa r.e. explained the tremendous offer of the wholesaler. Some of the tour participants felt almost overwhelmed by this variety. However: Baywa r.e. offers a very diversified product range, worldwide. (Manfred Gorgus/HCN)

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