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7/20/18, 2:02 PM -

IKEA reports greats interest for its Home Solar turnkey systems in Poland. All ten Polish IKEA stores offer PV.

The greatest interest for it`s Home Solar systems in Poland IKEA reports from the Masovian Voivodeship (Warsaw metropolitan area).
The greatest interest for it`s Home Solar systems in Poland IKEA reports from the Masovian Voivodeship (Warsaw metropolitan area).

The biggest demand for PV in Poland is in Masovian Voivodeship  (Warsaw metropolitan area) acoording to Paulina Nesteruk, Information & Communication Manager of IKEA Retail Poland. „The average installation chosen by the IKEA customers has a power of 5kWp and consists of 18 modules”, she says.

Average price of choosen installations PLN 24 000

„We analysed in detail the market to create an offer that is attractive and affordable for an average home owner – even without subsidies or other financial supporting programmes. IKEA offers a „turnkey” solution. The cost of the entire investment starts from PLN 12 950 for an installation with a power of 2,75 kWp, consisting of 10 modules”, Nesteruk reports. „The average price of the installations chosen by our customers in Poland is about PLN 24 000”, she adds.

Partnership with Geo Solar

IKEA operates the program “IKEA. Home Solar Energy” in partnership with Geo Solar. The company is responsible for presenting a detailed offer tailored to individual household needs including the photovoltaic installation design after completing the home audit. Once final approval is given by the client, Geo Solar enters an agreement with the client and proceeds with installing the system and prepares it to be connected to the electrical grid. Our partner also offers a 5 year long warranty and performance monitoring free of charge.

Monocyrstalline panels offered

The photovoltaic panels, the “heart” of the system, rely on monocrystalline silicon. We have developed an offer based on monocrystalline silicon as it is currently the most efficient method to convert sunlight into energy in comparison to other available technologies. Therefore it is possible to generate more energy from a smaller surface and also less panels need to be installed on the roof reducing the installation price and in result the cost of energy.  Monocrystalline cells are available in black, which is aesthetically suitable for most roofs and elevations, contrary to multicrystalline blue modules.

Sum up of the IKEA. Home Solar Energy offer

Solstråle standard – monocrystalline Canadian Solar modules in a silver frame. Highly efficient, reaching up to 280 W.

Solstråle plus – monocrystalline Canadian Solar modules in a black frame. Highly efficient, reaching up to 280 W. Owing to the black frame and foil the modules are popular among demanding clients valuing aesthetical quality.

IKEA offers two types of inverters. Zeversolar string inverters, produced by SMA and Solar Edge microinverters.

Energy independent since 2016

IKEA itself became energy independent in Poland in the year 2016 thanks to six wind farm with 180 MW. In two stores solar thermal collectors are installed, but no PV systems. According to Nesteruk the company does not plan to offer energy storage systems or wallboxes in the near future. (HCN)

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