Solar advice: Heat electrically during the transitional periods!

7/9/19, 5:00 PM -

Make heat out of solar electricity as long as you can. Before you start your heating for cold winter days, a large solar module array provides much yield in shady time of spring or autumn.

Look, where is the electrical heating?

If your solar generator is run in combination with a sufficiently large storage unit, you can use infrared radiators to take the chill out of cooler evenings. Such radiators come in a variety of nice designs, even in the form of bathroom heating mirrors.

As long as they only use little power and are only used for additional heating, they are a good way to use up solar electricity. Once the electric heating from solar power no longer suffices, you will have to buy in electricity from the grid. Or you switch to a more efficient thermal heat pump system. (HS)

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