Solar advice: Solar panels are not like windows!

11/29/19, 5:00 PM -

Cleaning is the national pastime! We clean our flats, we clean our cars, some of us even clean our shoes – or our spectacles. Solar generators also occasionally need cleaning.

Cleaning a solar roof is a job for a trained expert.

They need cleaning especially in the spring. But beware: It is not a game and should be left to the professionals. Many owners of solar installations deal with the dirt on their solar panels in a fairly haphazard way: with water, a mop and a brush.

Please, make no mistake!

But a solar panel is not a window or the kitchen table! Make no mistake: The panels are covered by glass, but it usually is a very specialised kind of glass. It is often coated in an invisible and extremely thin anti-reflective layer.

By simply wiping or brushing dust away, you risk voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. They usually give quite specific instructions on how to clean their solar panels. Sometimes these instructions can be very meticulous, as if calling for you to clean your panels with a toothbrush.

Keep your warranty valid!

For that reason, it is best to simply leave the cleaning to the technician. He ensures that your panels are cleaned – while keeping the warranty valid. If necessary, he may even consult with and obtain the approval of the manufacturer. (HS)

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