Solar advice: Replicating older solar panels

7/29/19, 5:00 PM -

If the manufacturers of faulty panels have gone out of business, customers and insurance companies tend to be left in the lurch. In such a case, there is the option of individually replicating their PV panels.

Replication of an out-dated solar module at Hoermann Novo factory in Laubusch, Germany

Either poly- or monocrystalline solar cells – or cells of five or six inches: In the end, the customer receives panels that are technically nearly identical and built to the original specifications in terms of dimensions, optical appearance and electrical parameters.

The panels selected for replicating are first modelled exactly. To achieve this, it is enough to have the data sheet, an actual panel does not necessarily have to be provided.

Verified reliability

The service provider sources the required components from suppliers whose reliability has been verified. The STC flasher measurements of the replicas are also provided to make sure there is full documentation.

Replicas usually come with a five-year product warranty and a ten-year output warranty. All variants of crystalline panels can be manufactured, even panels as large as 2.4 by 2.4 metres.

Replicating thin-film panels is rare, because that would require the large-scale equipment for mass-production, and that makes it uneconomical. In case of very old panels with round solar cells there might also be issues because such round cells tend not to be available anymore – except in museums. (HS)

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