Monitoring company comes a long way in a short time

1/9/20, 2:03 PM -

Just two years after launch, the start-up Solytic has exceeded the mark of 100,000 solar PV plants under management.

Specialist software company comes a long way in a short time
The graph includes PV players with a relevant portfolio and public numbers.

Started in September 2017, the PV monitoring specialist Solytic passed the milestone of 100,000 connected plants just before Christmas 2019. Never before had a company evolved that quickly in terms of connected units after launch.

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Data loggers with near-human intuition

With its software focus and attractive pricing model, the venture capital-backed startup from Berlin connects to any installed inverter or data logger without the need for new hardware. Customers benefit through lower monitoring fees and a one-fits-all solution to integrate the entire PV portfolio into a single solution. (mfo)