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4/2/19, 2:00 PM -

SecondSol have launched their new online industry directory for photovoltaics, solar-thermal energy and electric mobility. It is the largest service directory of its kind in Europe.

SecondSol launches service directory for all things photovoltaics, solar-thermal technology and electric mobility
The categories and sub-categories make it easy to find the company you need.

SecondSol allows users to quickly and precisely find what they are looking for. From now on, advertisers, i.e. installing companies, consultants and project developers, along with experts and companies providing maintenance, repair and cleaning services can create a free entry. Creating it is uncomplicated and is done online. Prospective customers simply have to register at and activate their entry as part of the registration process.

Each entry in the SecondSol business directory includes the complete contact data, the company logo and a link to their website. Beyond that, a detailed company portrait with photos of the company serves to promote it. Well thought-out, industry-specific categories and sub-categories as well as the most diverse search options provide very accurate hits. The search results can also be further narrowed down by regional filters and a proximity search.

Just in time for Intersolar 2019

"We are very pleased to be able to present the new directory to our customers just in time for Intersolar 2019," Stefan Wippich, founder of the online portal, says enthusiastically. "With this business directory we want to bring together suppliers and plant operators. Above all, we want to enable users whose installer or manufacturer is no longer in business to find a new contact person quickly and easily."

The entries of the advertisers in the SecondSol directory are seeing large demand. For years, the number of SecondSol users whose technical contacts no longer exist has been increasing. This affects older systems in particular. But even with new systems, the number of requests for rationality in the event of damage is increasing due to the cross-regional installers.

The SeondSol business directory also contains much more information: In addition to solicitors and insurance brokers, for example, interested parties can also find various blogs as well as an overview of industry-typical publications. (mfo)

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