38 MW PV plant on loose ground in the Netherlands

5/24/19, 11:04 AM -

Goldbeck Solar starts a challenging installation of a 38 MW PV plant on newly created ground in the Netherlands.

In 2018 Goldbeck Solar realised the 15.1 MW PV plant in Andijk  north of Amsterdam on a former commercial land.
In 2018 Goldbeck Solar realised the 15.1 MW PV plant in Andijk north of Amsterdam on a former commercial land.

Like most of the Netherlands, Goldbeck Solar`s next project is in Lelystad below sea level. It was only 60 years ago that the Dutchmen wrested the area from the water and drained it. The loose ground represents challenges. In the coming months, 38 MW are to be built here in five construction phases. The client is the Dutch investor Solarvation.

The loose ground is not the only challenge that the company has to face. Until recently, a part of the site was being used by a university for agricultural studies and was still partly covered with old buildings and traffic routes. Currently, all obstacles obstructing the construction of the solar park have been overcome.

Concrete foundation and high-quality steel pile-driving posts

We hope to find suitable soil conditions after professional soil compaction by the client," says Franz-Josef Klein, who works in international sales at Goldbeck Solar. The company expected good results from the additional soil analyses that are about to come. The plant, which is located near the "Markermeer" and "Ijsselmeer", is anchored in the ground with concrete foundations in addition to the pile-driving posts made of high-quality steel. "In this way, we ensure a robust and durable system that will withstand wind and weather near the coast," explains Klein.

Solarvation and Goldbeck Solar enter into partnership: Luke Bouwmann, Kees van Woerden and Franz-Josef Klein (from left to right) realise a 38 MW free-field plant in Lelystad.

The first four construction phases will be completed gradually from May to September, with a fifth phase to be completed in July 2020. The power plant in the province of Flevoland will then supply 34.6 million kilowatt hours per year, which will be fed into the public grid under a subsidised SDE+ contract. The regenerative electricity generated here will supply around 10,000 households with green energy, Solarvation presents on its homepage. (HCN)

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