Storage advice: The larger the cells the higher the risk for burning

9/9/19, 5:00 PM -

Large lithium cells with 200 ampere-hours pose a much greater risk, and of these there are more than one in a battery, so the potential danger is quite high.

Big cells in plastic coating can be dangerous.

The reason: The larger the lithium cell is the more heat it absorbs. The ratio of heat-radiating surface to volume is less favourable than for flat 20-ampere-hour cells. Large cells like that are often in a plastic case with walls one centimetre thick.

How to get the heat away?

Not because the cells are particularly sturdy that way, but to protect the cells from diffusing water vapour. Plastic is much less expensive than a metal housing, but it needs to be thicker to act as a water vapour barrier. The thick wall, in turn, impedes heat dissipation, as does the material. (HS)

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