Storage advice: Starting up a storage battery

8/22/19, 5:00 PM -

The last step of the installation is starting up. It is to be meticulously recorded. The resulting record will serve as the basis for future maintenance.

Preparing the communication line for the solar battery at the inverter.

And it serves in case of any claims for warranty to the manufacturer at a later stage. Only if there is a complete record will the installing company not be at risk. A service booklet for storage units is helpful.

Together, the record and the service booklet are the basis for future maintenance. For example, in the appendix there is a check list for the start-up process of a home power station. Such documents can be obtained from any manufacturer via the Internet.

Commercial storage is more complex

Starting up commercial or industrial storage systems is more complex. In most cases, the future operating engineer who will be responsible for keeping the installation running and will undertake the regular maintenance, is present in addition to the installing company’s technician. If it is a very large-scale or complicated project, the supplier will send a team of customer service technicians. (HS)

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