Storage advice: How to return old batteries

10/9/19, 5:00 PM -

The installing companies are faced with the problem of properly disposing of the old battery. Simply throwing it away is clearly not on.

Old batteries in a container for transport.

In Europe, manufacturers and users of lead-acid batteries are required by law to return them into the recycling cycle. Some time often passes between dismantling it and it being taken care of by the disposal company or the manufacturer.

Installers have to deal with

Costs and organisational issues are connected to this, which the installing company needs to deal with in a timely manner. Even handling the discarded component can be a complex undertaking, long before the actual recovery of the individual materials has begun.

Manufacturers take the lithium batteries back

Even today, lead scrap has a growing part in producing new storage units. Specialised service providers offer disposal of batteries to their customers. In the case of lithium batteries, it is mostly the manufacturers that take back older and discarded storage units. (HS)

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