Solarinvert: extra-low voltage hybrid inverter

6/25/19, 11:01 AM -

Video: As part of the pv Guided Tours 2019 at The smarter E Europe in Munich, Solarinvert showcased a compact, extra-low voltage hybrid inverter.

For its inverters, Solarinvert relies on low voltage of less than 120 volts DC. The technology is specially adapted to the conditions of buildings with difficult lighting conditions. For the PV Guided Tour, the provider showed a compact system with integrated power storage, which can be used to meet the electricity needs of a small family home (Selv PV). It consists of a hybrid inverter specially developed for connection to consumer circuits, six to twelve solar modules and a rechargeable lithium iron phosphate battery. Because the system works with safety extra-low voltage, it is simply plugged into an existing wall socket.

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