Intersolar: Tesvolt presents new megawatt container storage system

4/8/19, 2:01 PM -

Tesvolt, a manufacturer of storage systems for industry and commerce, is set to introduce its particularly economical megawatt battery storage system TPS 2.0 at The Smarter E Europe.

Intersolar: Tesvolt presents new megawatt container storage system
A container full of power.

The further developed battery modules and technical innovations ensure maximum cost efficiency for the lithium high-voltage storage system TPS 2.0, making it around 40 per cent more economical than its predecessor. The 4.4 MWh container is well suited for any application and can be installed anywhere around the world, as it can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 to +55 degrees Celsius. The TPS 2.0 system is black start capable, AI-ready and can be serviced remotely.

Maximum economic efficiency

“We want to supply affordable energy to every corner of the globe. To this end, low-cost yet extremely powerful battery storage systems are a crucial requirement,” explains Daniel Hannemann, who founded Tesvolt five years ago together with Simon Schandert. “This is a constant source of motivation driving us to further optimise our storage systems.”

Featuring further developed battery modules from Samsung SDI, the megawatt storage system supplies twice the power per cubic meter of its predecessor. A newly developed dynamic balancing system for the battery modules and an innovative thermal management system are responsible for making the megawatt storage system highly efficient and cost-effective: Compared with similar large-scale storage systems, the TPS 2.0 saves around 30 per cent of the operating costs.

Always a good match

The TPS 2.0 is suitable for all applications, from increasing power consumption to capping expensive peak loads, as well as for grid services, back-up power supply and use in off-grid locations. The containers are available in the standard ISO sizes of 20 ft, 40 ft and 45 ft and can be equipped with a maximum storage capacity of 4.4 MWh. Once at the installation site, the container is connected to a Sunny Central Storage system manufactured by SMA Technology, which can also be shipped in a container module.

Tesvolt will be showcasing its products at the storage exhibition ees which is part of The Smarter E Europe in Munich from 15–17 May 2019. (mfo)

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