Bredenoord: The first to conform with GRIDSTOR guidelines

3/19/19, 2:05 PM -

The Big Battery Box by Bredenoord has received the first-ever statement of conformity with GRIDSTOR test by DNV GL. GRIDSTOR conformity is a prerequisite for uniform quality and safety of grid-connected energy storage systems.

Bredenoord: The first to conform with GRIDSTOR guidelines
A world-first: The Big Battery Box conforms with the GRIDSTOR guidelines.

Bredenoord, specialising in mobile energy solutions, recently became the first company in the world to receive a statement of conformity with the GRIDSTOR guidelines from DNV GL for their container-based battery storage system Big Battery Box. The statement was presented at the European Energy Storage exhibition in Düsseldorf. The Big Battery Box is a portable container for use in a range of mobile electricity storage applications. It was tested at the Flex Power Grid Laboratory at DNV GL’s Energy headquarters in Arnhem, the Netherlands. DNV GL is active globally and provides classification, technical assurance, software and independent expert advisory services to a wide range of industries.

The container-based 600 kW battery system was subjected to a thorough two-week performance test programme, derived from the GRIDSTOR Recommended Practice guideline on the safety, operation and performance of grid-connected energy storage systems. The framework was created by an international consortium of industry stakeholders, providing global guidelines to verify the safety, operation and performance of energy storage assets.

Jaap Fluit, CEO of Bredenoord commented: “Standardised energy storage testing is a vital step in the development of a safe and reliable grid connected energy storage market. Bredenoord is pleased to have worked with the experienced team at DNV GL, and achieving this conformity certificate highlights our focus and commitment to bringing the highest level of reliability for mobile power to our customers.”

Exposing batteries to unfavourable conditions

The objectives of the test procedure were twofold: to test battery performance according the GRIDSTOR guidelines, including power & energy capacity, harmonic content and efficiency; and to test the battery in unfavourable conditions, such unbalanced load and non-linear load. The unique environment provided by DNV GL’s Flex Power Grid Lab makes it possible to test power electronics under controlled conditions that simulate abnormal but realistic grid situations.

Both the test procedures and conformity with GRIDSTOR guidelines allow energy storage providers to test for expected operational conditions and loads at their customers’ sites, which would otherwise be hard to predict. This is especially important for mobile storage solutions, like Bredenoord’s Big Battery Box, which have to be highly versatile and need to operate under a wide range of conditions.

Prajeev Rasiah, Executive Vice President, Northern Europe, Middle East and Africa, DNV GL – Energy said: “Deploying grid-connected energy storage systems creates challenges for users and manufacturers alike. Without clear expectations and standards, it is difficult to verify that a system operates correctly and safely. Beyond testing the standard capabilities of a storage system, the system can have a negative effect on the grid and vice versa. DNV GL’s Flex Power Grid Lab combined with our industry best practice guidelines means we can set the standard for energy storage performance testing.” (mfo)

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