AD: Easy calculate your PV-project with free-to-use calculation software

3/13/20, 7:00 AM -

With the free to use online ValkPVplanner, every ­flat or pitched roof project can be designed using  satellite images, a building drawing prepared by you, or simply by specifying the number of panels desired.

Van der Valk Solar Systems is offering a free calculation software for PV installations.

The result is a detailed project report, including installation drawings, material lists and a ballast overview for flat roofs. The ValkPVplanner is user-friendly and can be linked to your webshop and/or other software through an API connection. Default values for the most common variables provide rapid insight into the possibilities for your project.

There are three design options to use:

  1. With “Simple mode” you can quickly design a system by entering the number of panel rows and columns and make a strength calculation based on the middle zone of the roof.
  2. “White map” allows you to draw a building accurately, adding dimensions to pre-defined building shapes or custom shapes. Each roof area can be designed with individual inclination angles and mounting systems.  
  3. The third option is “Satellite map”. Here you can draw the system using actual satellite images, like  Google Maps, as a background. Simply define the outlines of your building and then quickly generate the mounting materials for various roof surfaces. An important feature for both “Satellite map” and “White map” is that it allows you to place PV-panels in the edge zones the roof.

Van der Valk Solar Systems is one of the fastest growing companies in the solar industry and focuses entirely on the development and production of solar mounting systems. Van der Valk Solar Systems is specialised in commercial and residential roof top projects. They have a wide range of solutions to offer the perfect solution for any type of roof. Its dedicated team can answer any technical question, or look at a design or project. And its large stock ensures that the systems for flat roofs, pitched roofs and open fields can be sent within Europe in just days.

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