The second phase of the roof solar plant in Antaisolar factory has been completed

12/12/17, 2:37 AM -

Following the first phase of roof solar plant put into operation by Antai(Antaisolar's head office) in May this year, the second phase of it was unveiled again at Antai factory.

Located on the metal sheet roof, with a total area of ​​10,000 square meters, Antai engineers provided standing seam roof mount solutionto offer the simple and stable fixing , ensuring roof waterproofing while reducing the indoor temperature, which can achieve energy conservation and environmental protection.

The project ,with the installed capacity of 800 kilowatts, commenced on November 20, has nearly completed the panel installation work and is expected to connect to the grid next month. Its estimated annual generating capacity of 880,000 KWh, as a strong supply of clean energy, it will provide a good guarantee for the daily operation of the factory.

As the first company to invest in solar power station in Changtai County, Zhangzhou, Antai has cooperated with several enterprises in Changtai to effectively utilize the existing roof, providing one-stop power station engineering service to reap the both economic and environmental benefits.

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