The first Solar Pyranometer primarily made from wood providing temperature and moisture control.

9/12/18, 12:14 AM -

Solar Irradiance Meter for outdoor use and simple to use.

A choice of affordable instruments to measure the power from the sun accurately when you want to:

  • Install a new PV system.
  • Check if your existing PV system is working efficiently.
  • Add solar radiation measurements to your weather station.
  • Add a solar radiation sensor to your smart city IOT.
  • Add solar radiation measurements to you raspberry pi.
  • Add solar radiation measurements to your arduino.
  • Check the possible location of a new PV system.
  • Estimate the amount of solar heat that your windows let through (g-value) otherwise called transmittance or SHGC, and then specify new glass.
  • Carry out school projects on solar power.

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No batteries required and designed for outdoor use and requires no amplification.

It can directly connect to your multi-meter or raspberry pi or arduino and provides a linear output value in milli-volts that corresponds directly to W/m2 .