Take the snow load of your roof with PV Weightwatcher from Innos

4/29/18, 9:56 PM -

Heavy snow load on PV rooftops is no longer a problem. When installing Weightwatcher the snow melt away using solar modules.

In PV installations on Commercial rooftops the weight of the PV system plus the snow load can be a significant problem. One of the effects of the climate change is that today "all the snow comes at once in a single year", when it earlier was snowing more steady and not so much every year. 

PV modules with Weightwatcher is a smart solution. In the years when heavy snow make it necessary to remove snow, it can now be done without (!) manpower. Just switch on the Weightwatcher an see the snowload dissapear.

See Innos WeightWatcher live on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHuCToqVjeo 

Proven technology and experience from the winters in Norway - just stay cool and let it snow. 

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