Suntrol Portal stabilized post take over, but the best is yet to come

6/19/19, 9:42 AM -

In march 2019 Solytic took over the solar PV monitoring portal Suntrol from bankrupt SolarWorld. To the joy of its thousands of weekly users, the portal now runs stable again and the future looks bright.

Takeover in March 2019 by Solytic

SolarWorld’s bankruptcy in 2018 resulted in various inconveniences for Suntrol Portal users. During this time, Solytic already managed the servers and made sure that the solar PV monitoring portal would stay live with all its data. Since the official takeover on March 8th 2019 the Solytic team’s focus has been to stabilize the portal, which is now complete after only 3 months.

For instance, 4,500 users with Kostal PIKO inverters as well as 2,800 users with SolarWorld eManagers, that had no functioning connection for months, now have access to their data again. Despite the maintenance work hundreds of new users registered, which increased the total number of connected assets to about 23,400 - and rising.

This is what Suntrol offers its users

First of all, the Suntrol Portal is and will stay free of charge.

Also, users still can decide if they want to keep their asset’s data private or share it publicly. Hence, the option to compare their asset’s performance with others close by remains.

For a clear visualization of yields in charts (daily, monthly, yearly and complete overview) users can choose to receive yield data or error messages via email. Using thresholds, users can adapt their monitoring to changing conditions throughout the year. Yields are also available on a MPP tracker level. All of this runs smoothly and is user friendly. In the most important menus icons were added for simpler navigation.

If there is a consumption meter available on-site, the self-consumption can also be visualized - same goes for batteries.

Installers also continue to profit from Suntrol Portal by monitoring their whole customer portfolio in one portal. Additionally, they have the option to create a company page with their own logo, which will also be displayed on their managed assets. The “my profile” view can be used to present the company as well as a reference asset in talks with customers. Various portfolio sorting options, e.g. by logger type, make it easier to work with a multitude of assets.

An outlook - the best is still to come for Suntrol users

In the future, users who require more professional features, will have the possibility to easily transfer their assets to the Solytic monitoring portal. First users have already made the switch to Solytic on their own and the door is open for more.

The future developments will be focussed on two topics. On one hand, let the Suntrol Portal participate in the innovative developments of the solar PV market. On the other hand, the server structure will be optimized to keep stability and speed despite further growth. The former includes the integration of new features. The first pilot project will already be presented in a few weeks.

The efforts so far have focused on improving the maintenance and efficiency of PV assets. An update of the general portal design is not planned for now as the current version already allows for a positive user experience. Thousands of users are working successfully with Suntrol and many more are expected.

About Solytic:

The Berlin-based company was able to win Vattenfall as a prominent investor and has raised a financing round of 3 million euros so far. The team consists of experienced PV professionals, tech developers and entrepreneurs and currently manages 800 MW.