SMP Montage implements new German solar park with 8.5 MWp output

7/31/18, 5:54 PM -

Hamburg, 31 July 2018 SMP Montage has completed a new solar park in Poxdorf, northern Bavaria, with a total nominal output of 8.5 MWp. On behalf of the German EPC, Belectric, one of the world's largest O&M service providers, Hamburg-based SMP Montage have once again taken over responsibility for the entire construction project: a similar joint project in Bonnhof with 10 MWp output was connected to the grid in late April.



Following the construction phase lasting around twelve weeks, the new utility-scale PV power plant in Poxdorf in the district of Forchheim was able to commence with operations on time. With a construction team of 34, SMP Montage installed 70,910 frameless thin-film modules from the American manufacturer First Solar on a mounting system by Belectric, the EPC responsible for both the project and operations at the new solar park. The plant will generate an annual average output of around nine million kilowatt hours of electricity. This is enough to cover the consumption of 2,800 households.


Spread across 14.5 hectares between an ICE main line heading towards Nuremberg and the motorway slip road at Baiersdorf-Nord, three 110 metre-wide strips of land join together to form a connected solar installation. “A total of 2,500 concrete foundations had to be installed,” said Michael Manfred Fischer, SMP Managing Director responsible for marketing and sales. “The ramming was not a problem on two of the three fields due to the heavy clay soil. In the middle field, however, we had to use concrete to cast the metal profiles for the foundations in order to ensure that they were securely anchored into the ground.”


For SMP Montage, Poxdorf solar park is the second successful project with EPC, Belectric

The new solar park in Poxdorf marks the second occasion on which SMP Montage has successfully completed a project for Belectric. “At the beginning of the year, we were looking for a long-term implementation partner who would be able to take over the entire construction work for our project in Bonnhof,” stated Christian Fries, CCO at Belectric. “SMP Montage brings a wealth of expertise, especially when it comes to the construction of major and complex plants. The fact that the project went so well has convinced us to work together more often in the future.”


Following the projects in Bonnhof and Poxdorf, the construction phase is set to start in August for the next collaboration between SMP Montage and Belectric.

About SMP Montage:

SMP Solar Montage & Planungsgesellschaft, or SMP Montage for short, is a specialist engineering service provider for the global solar industry.


Since 2008, the German company with its head office in the city of Hamburg has been supplying the full range of construction services for large-scale PV projects of 100 kW and more – from site preparation and site set-up to excavation and civil engineering, from mechanical construction and frame assembly to electrical installation and cabling of solar modules to site management and construction logistics. The assembly process for maximum area utilisation in standalone PV parks, which has now been adopted as standard across the industry, was co-developed by SMP co- founder and technical director Marc-Bernd Schipper in 2007.


In April 2017, the Financial Times named SMP Montage as one of their “FT 1,000”, the fastest growing companies in Europe.


SMP has been a long-standing realisation and innovation partner for leading European EPC service providers such as Solarcentury, ibvogt, e.on, Belectric, and Conergy. In the spring of 2018, the total nominal output of projects completed by SMP exceeded 950 MWp.


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