Nectar Sun - PV water heating made simple

11/20/18, 3:40 PM -

The latest innovation in photovoltaic water heating is Nectar Sun - the simplest PV based system made for water heating. The Nectar Sun controller is responsible for converting cost-free solar energy to free hot water. It is a cost-efficient way to save up to 70% off hot water bill. #Maintenance free #just plug&play # controlled remotely #mobile app

Nectar Sun is a fully automated, DIY system that can be installed in a couple of hours - no cables, pipelines or frequent maintenance. The Nectar Sun is the only solution without having to disassemble the water tank or change the immersion heater. Just plug & play. Thanks to the full bridge technology, which allows you to tune up to almost all electric and hybrid water heaters up to 300 liters with 2.0 kW of usable solar power and 2-3.5 kW heating element.

Eco-friendly design helps to minimize the space, materials, and harm of utilization. Also, it saves you valuable time during installation. Same for the commissioning with its user-friendly mobile application.

The price drop

A few years ago no one could imagine what PV systems might compete with solar thermal. Due to the fast development of technologies and the rapid drop in prices, now PV based water heating solutions are even cheaper than thermal. Because of it, the investment in Nectar Sun system might pay back in 3-5 years.

The Nectar Sun system is a result of years of research and practice combined. This is why it is protected by a 3-year warranty for the Nectar Sun controller and up to 30 years for solar panels (PV).

No permits needed

Nectar Sun controller uses dedicated standard solar panels (from 4 to 8 ) to heat water and save money. When the water hits its temperature set point the Maintenance is deactivated. If there is not enough sun, it switches to local electricity. The grid power is kept on a separate circuit – so the panels never connect to the grid. That's why it is a smart way to store your energy without any permits or paperwork needed to install the system.

From now on you need only 3 components for modern and sustainable water heating: Nectar Sun controller, PV panels and water heater you already have. For more information please visit