Making hydrogen mobility happen:19 new hydrogen fuelling sites for Germany - track availabitly with H2.LIVE

9/8/17, 2:54 PM -

Shortly before the International Motor Show (IAA), at which Daimler is set to present its new fuel cell vehicle GLC F-CELL, H2 MOBILITY has announced it has located 19 new sites for hydrogen service stations in Germany. Thus, in addition to the 35 stations already in operation (including one in Bozen), another 41 are either in the pipeline or under construction. Their status can be tracked via the H2.LIVE app or via internet.

In addition to the 19 new sites already earmarked for hydrogen service stations, more are set to follow by the end of the year – amongst them the winners of the ongoing call for tenders. Initiatives, companies, private individuals and municipalities still have until 8 September to submit a bid for the construction of a hydrogen refuelling point. Contracts will go to the regions that have the most hydrogen vehicles with 700-bar tank technology, whereby the minimum is 15 fuel cell passenger cars or equivalent road vehicles.

This means H2 MOBILITY is well on track to meeting its ambitious planning target of 100 hydrogen service stations in Germany by 2018/2019. The network's growth can easily be monitored using the H2.LIVE app or via internet. Here construction progress is illustrated using a dot that changes with progress – from the planning phase right through to a concrete opening date. The app also provides fuel cell pioneers with vital information on opening times, availability or scheduled maintenance dates.  

Refueling takes only 3 minutes

Vehicle handling, speed and range are the same. Hydrogen mobility offers everything we have come to expect from the driving experience we know and love – as well as being virtually silent and emissions free. Powered by a quiet, efficient electrical engine, hydrogen vehicles do not emit toxic gases that pollute the air. Refuelling takes only 3 minutes. Hydrogen vehicles currently have a range of between 500-700 km.

Rollout of hydrogen infrastructure

H2 MOBILITY Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG is responsible for the Germany-wide rollout of hydrogen infrastructure and is driving forward operations at all levels, including network planning, authorisation, procurement, installation and commissioning. The first 100 hydrogen refuelling points in seven German metropolitan areas (Hamburg, Berlin, Rhine-Ruhr, Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich) and along major trunk roads and motorways are being installed irrespective of current demand, generally at service stations operated by the H2 MOBILITY stakeholders OMV, Shell and TOTAL. Featuring a space-saving design, this refuelling technology relies heavily on standardised components. A second wave of construction through to 2023 will see the rollout of another 300 hydrogen refuelling points. H2 MOBILITY's shareholders are Air Liquide, Daimler, Linde, OMV, Shell and TOTAL. As associated partners, BMW, Honda, Hyundai, Toyota and Volkswagen all share their expertise with H2 MOBILITY.