K2 Systems continues to make further digital progress in 2017

5/30/17, 4:48 PM -

True to the motto: “We keep it simple. For you”, this year will see K2 Systems present some very special digital services and product innovations that make the planning of the mounting systems even easier. With a major update in the company's own Base On planning software and a demonstration of the first smartphone app, the company is well equipped to serve the increasingly digital requirements of its fitters and wholesalers. Advanced and highly optimized product components to significantly simplify the set-up of the mounting systems are very much in focus alongside the two new compact, smaller ground mounted systems. Our motto will be outlined in a special exhibition presentation at the Intersolar, with one stand focusing on product innovations (A4.472) and a second stand on digital features (A4.459).

Product information and planning possible anytime, anywhere
Mounting systems can be quickly and easily designed using the Base On online software. Thanks to an user-friendly interface and an improved calculation basis, individual roofs can be planned in just a few steps with the most suitable mounting system and improved ballasting. Launched with the S-Rock System, the two S and D-dome classics were integrated in March 2017. The third major update for the first pitched roof systems like MiniRail will be presented at the Intersolar.
In addition to planning with Base On, the first app by K2 Systems also provides a practical overview of the product portfolio. Once the user has selected the roof type for their project, the most suitable mounting system and further detailed information will be shown in a matter of seconds. "This means that the K2 app, which can be downloaded free of charge from all major app stores, is a practical sales tool that is available at any time and any place," says Willem Haag, sales manager at K2 Systems.

New and optimized components make installation even easier
In addition to the Base On and the app launch, the team of K2 Systems has also optimized the existing systems and developed new products to ensure quick installations.
OneMid/OneEnd universal clamp | The product portfolio now includes a universal clamp with an impressive click function that accommodates the most common module frame heights from 32 to 42 mm. The OneMid middle clamp and the OneEnd end clamp are suitable for the pitched roof systems SingleRail, CrossRail, SpeedRail, MultiRail, KoverRail and the SolidRail Ultra Light mounting rails. A special feature is the additional compatibility of the universal clamps with the S-Dome and D-Dome flat roof systems. "The universal clamp therefore covers eight models in our rail range, simplifies the design and saves significant storage capacities for our customers," reports Katharina David, CEO at K2 Systems.
MiniRail with new MiniClamp and MiniFive | The new MiniClamp is now available for the MiniRail and S-Rock System. It covers the module frame height from 30 to 50 mm, can be freely rotated and requires no conversion for the preferred module orientation. The short rail system has been substantially optimized in recent months thanks to an improved profile section and the additional possibility of very easy 5° elevation. The so-called MiniFive increases the module’s irradiation angle and ventilation, allowing the PV system to achieve a greatly improved yield.
S-Rock 15° Short | The main component of the S-Rock flat roof system is available in a second, shortened version. The new centre section now only requires 1.5 m as row spacing, instead of the previous 1.76 m, enabling the installation of more modules on the roof.
SingleHook FT and SingleHook Vario | K2 Systems has a new stainless steel roof hook for flat tiles, the SingleHook FT, which is fixed to a mounting board, independent of the rafter. This version is particularly popular in the Netherlands, Belgium, England and Denmark. There is also a new roof hook, the SingleHook Vario, for connection with the SingleRail, as well as other accessories to further increase the mutual compatibility of roof hooks and mounting rails. 

Ground mounted systems compactly packaged as palletized goods
The A and P-Rack systems are an uncomplicated solution, especially for small ground mounted projects and off-grid systems. The components are already pre-assembled and can be delivered as palletized goods, enabling transport in smaller pick-up vehicles and installation in regions with weaker infrastructures. The systems have an 15°, 20° or 25° incline when mounted on a concrete foundation. Compared to the A-Rack System, the solar modules on the P-Rack are slightly higher and further away from the grounding due to the additional cross brace.
Find more on: https://k2-systems.com