Integrating production, study and research into all directions! The Light Alloy Research Institute of Central South Universi

5/14/18, 9:49 AM -

On May 9, the academician of the Light Alloy Research Institute of Central South University visited Fujian Zhangzhou Antai Aluminum Co., Ltd. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Antai Group). Mr. Huang Shita, general manager of Antai Aluminum, accompanied and introduced the teamabout the history of the company, as well as the current production scale, product types and market situation. During the inspection, the two sides exchanged views and kicked off the strategic cooperation with Central South University.

The Light Alloy Research Institute of Central South University is a pioneer in the field of processing domestic aluminum alloy. In the future, their R&D results will be tested by production line and converted into commercial products for further promoted and used.

In the industrial age, materials will go first. Relying on the in-depth study in various fields for aluminum and the strength in materials science, combined with our Antaisolar complete aluminum industrial chain, in the future, Antai will promote the diversified development of building profiles and industrial profiles.

Next month, Antaisolar will pay a visit to Central South University for further promote  long-term strategic cooperation. In the future, both parties will jointly establish an aluminum profile R&D center, effectively gather innovative elements and resources, and implement product R&D and product upgrades coupled with the strong scientific and technological power of the Institute.

We look forward to our products could take full advantages of the benefits of the scientific research and innovation in colleges and universities through the combination of production, study and research.