Huawei Supports BayWa r.e. to Build Don Rodrigo

4/26/18, 11:15 AM -

The biggest single PV plant in Spain and the first to be subsidy-free.

Huawei and BayWa r.e., have signed a deal to build Don Rodrigo, which will become the biggest single-site PV plant in Spain and the first truly subsidy-free fully commercialized utility-scale PV plant in the world. Huawei will provide its fully digitalized Smart PV Solution complete with a combination of SUN2000-60KTL and SUN2000-100KTL inverters.. This will be a significant milestone for the Spanish solar industry and marks another step for advancing the digitalization of solar technology. Huawei’s vision is to bring digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world and its digitalized solar solutions fits with this plan.

Huawei’s FusionSolar Smart PV Solution is very innovative, with “less cooper and more silicon”, Huawei’s multi-level topology enables its string inverters to generate higher yields with leading high-weighted European efficiency at 98.8%. In addition,  the natural cooling technology and fuseless design -  developed over 30 years within Huawei’s global, leading, wireless equipment research and development - provides the project with 0-Touch maintenance. By optimizing and innovating the entire process, from power plant design, construction to O&M, Huawei demonstrates its core value of “Higher Yields, Smart O&M and Safe and Reliable”.

Mr. Sebastian Mohr, Key Account Director of Europe said: “Based on reports released by global consultancies, IHS Markit and GTM, Huawei was ranked No. 1 globally in inverter shipments for two consecutive years, 2015 to 2016. Huawei has built meaningful partnerships with global TOP50 PV customers, and is always willing to support partners  both upstream and downstream in the solar industry. By building open, collaborative relationships and we can continuously creatie more value and better experiences for our customers and more innovative PV ecosystems. Don Rodrigo, with Huawei’s smart string inverters will set the benchmark for the digitalization of the Spanish solar industry.

Dr. Benedikt Ortmann, Head of Solar Projects at BayWa r.e., added:  “Don Rodrigo is a landmark project,being the first grid-parity, utility-scale,PV project worldwide. Key to success will be working with our trusted partners. Huawei combines a collaborative working approach with extremely reliable inverters. For some years, we have been cooperating together and developing a a trusting relationship, so, Huawei was the natural choice for us.”

BayWa r.e. renewable energy GmbH (BayWa r.e.):

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of BayWa AG, BayWa r.e. renewable energy GmbH combines the activities of the solar energy, wind energy, bioenergy and geothermal energy business sectors. Based in Munich, BayWa r.e. is active around the globe. As a full service partner with over 1,400 employees and more than 25 years of market experience, BayWa r.e. develops, implements, consults and supports projects in the renewable energy sector. The company also provides operational management and maintenance for plants. Other business activities include trading in photovoltaic components and the purchase and marketing of energy from renewable sources.

The parent company BayWa AG is an international trading company and service provider whose core segments are agriculture, energy and construction.

About Huawei

Huawei is a leading global ICT and network energy solutions provider. Currently, Huawei network energy products and solutions are used in over 170 countries, serving one third of the world's population. Huawei continuously brings high-quality products and services based on its experience accumulated over the past three decades. As one of the top global 500 companies (ranked at 83th), and one of the top global brands (ranked at 70th by Interbrand), Huawei innovatively integrates digital information technology, Internet technology, and PV technology, combining with design concepts of Simple, Digital, and Smart O&M to promote an industry-leading FusionSolar smart PV solution. It greatly optimizes initial investments, reduces O&M costs, raises energy yield, and increases ROI of the PV plant. It has been widely deployed in various countries and regions and widely recognized by customers from China, Europe, Japan, America, India, Asia Pacific and Latin America region. 

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