Grupotec Partners with Huawei for 168MW PV Projects in Spain

6/12/18, 10:42 AM -

Recently in Shanghai, Huawei and Grupotec jointly announced they will partner together for a 168MW in Spain. This project combines a series of solar projects that contain both government-awarded and private PPA projects.

Grupotec is one of biggest and most influential EPC companies in Spain. They’ve invested in and successfully developed solar projects throughout Europe, America, Asia and Africa. For this 168MW project, Grupotec is the project developer and EPC, while Huawei will provide its new 1500V, SUN2000-100KTL string inverters. Huawei’s latest, fully-digitalised, uniquely patentedSUN2000-100KTL inverters are capable of delivering 2% higher yields, smarter O&M which in turn reduces the LCOE, and they are reassuringly safety and reliability . Together Grupotec and Huawei are modernizing the Spanish solar industry putting it in on the map once again and building the roads to a Digital PV World


Mr. Olallo Villoldo Bellón, Chairman of Board, Grupotec said, “Huawei will be the exclusive string inverter provider for this project. Huawei Smart PV Solution has proved its values in our previous projects in terms of outstanding PR, incredible reliability, and extremely easy O&M. Meanwhile, Huawei’s vision towards the digitalization and smartness trend of solar industry matches our strategy. This makes no doubt that Huawei is the right choice for us to work with for now and in the long term.”

About Grupotec

Grupotec is an engineering company that specializes in renewable energies and the environmental. Grupotec is one of most established companies in the European PV Market, located in over nine countries, with a presence in Europe and America for more than 19 years. Grupotec operates across the whole PV value chain, including: Project Development, EPC Contractor, O&M, Asset Management, investment and PV plant operations.


The firm has built over 600MW of PV projects and, presently, has a pipeline of more than 300MW to be built within the next 12 months. Nowadays, the Company holds operation and maintenance contracts for more than 500MW across multiple projects.


Regarding the Spanish Market, Grupotec is following an ambitious plan for the next three years. The company has created an investment vehicle to develop and build PV projects, targeting 1000MW operating in Spain, by the end of year 2021. Construction of the first projects in Spain will begin by the end of 2018, two plants with a total of 92MW under the remuneration structure established by the last auction in Spain, in which Grupotec was awarded.


On the international stage, the company focusses on developing projects in Italy, Mexico, Colombia and Chile. Presently, the company has a pipeline of more than 1200MW in PV projects in different development phases.

About Huawei


Huawei is a leading global ICT and network energy solutions provider. Currently, Huawei network energy products and solutions are used in over 170 countries, serving one third of the world's population. Huawei continuously brings high-quality products and services based on its experience accumulated over the past three decades. Ranked 83rd on the Fortune Global 500 companies and ranked 70th Top Global Brands by Interbrand, Huawei innovatively integrates digital information technology, Internet technology, and PV technology, combining with design concepts of Simple, Digital, and Smart O&M to promote an industry-leading FusionSolar smart PV solution. It was ranked as the Global No.1 Inverter Shipment company for 2015, 2016 and 2017. It has been widely deployed in various countries and regions and widely recognized by customers from China, Europe, Japan, America, India, Asia Pacific and Latin America region.

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