EasySolar Premium - how to efficiently carry out the process of selling a solar system in just a few minutes.

7/25/18, 10:20 AM -

From the first meeting with a client until the final offer in less than one hour? The polish company EasySolar, supported by the European investment fund KIC InnoEnergy, have published a few days ago, new photovoltaic all-in-one app, which allows to carry out the whole sales process but in less than one hour! Will there be another revolution in the market of renewable energy?

EasySolar is a polish start-up, founded in 2012. The initial goal of the company was to create a tool that helps make measurements on a target investment location. However, it has quickly turned out that the sales process on the photovoltaic market is very complex and time-consuming. Companies must use a variety of tools, from Excel, through complex design programs like for example AutoCAD but for photovoltaics, to CRM to sales management.

For over a year, thanks to the investment support of KIC InnoEnergy, the team of developers have been working on the newest version of the app - EasySolar Premium - which is not only a design app but also has all the tools necessary to carry out the whole sales process. It is the first available on the PV market that kind of solution, which connects all the elements of the sales process and at the same time shorten from hours to minutes the time which is required to prepare a final offer along with all the necessary data.


What is this all about?

The biggest advantage of the software is an advanced mobile app that allows to efficiently manage the customers and projects base and to take measurements and show the initial presentation to the customer in the form of colored charts. 

The design of photovoltaic panels on the photo (taken with a mobile phone) can also be done in the mobile app. This is so far the only software available on the market with that kind of feature which is also very simple and intuitive. Moreover, the layout of panels is performed on a real object, so that customers can see how their system will look on the roof.

Moreover, EasySolar Premium has an intuitive tool to design on GoogleMaps, which is useful in the design of industrial systems. 

Because the photovoltaic market is very specific and different than the other markets, classic CRM programs are not adapted to it and do not have features that allow to effectively manage the customers base, projects, etc.

The app in a simple way allows preparing very advanced financial analysis based on a basic data from an energy bill and country selection. The app has an extensive tool to create a price offer from the project and to generate a technical specification of a system. The report generated by the program can be adapted to the needs of the company's branding, along with the extensive financial analysis, technical specification, and offer.


EasySolar Premium is already available for users,  and more than that, after the registration we can start THE FREE 30-DAYS PERIOD! All we have to do is to create a new account on the website: http://web.easysolar-app.com and enjoy the free access. After the free period, the monthly subscription for one user is PLN 80 or EUR 20.

However, despite that new app is already available, it is not yet the official premiere, that is why more features will appear in the next days.


EasySolar can change the reality of companies in the photovoltaic industries. Sales reps equipped with a mobile app will begin the sales process, shortened to just a few minutes, at the customer's house, and it will end up by preparing a professional offer without the need to use complicated and expensive design programs.